Pyoor Gold 24k Gold Jelly Mask Exfoliates Hydrates Pore Minimizer Reviews

It’s a dream come true when we can relax while beautifying ourselves in our own home. There’s no need to worry about looking weird with a facial mask. The Pyoor Gold 24K Gold Jelly Mask is a new addition to complement your skin care routine. It’s like going to a facial salon but at a much cheaper cost.

What is Pyoor Gold 24K Gold Jelly Mask

Now that you’ve heard about the rave of 24k products, you’re actually dying to get your hands on them. A new product which will surely make you fall in love with anything infused in gold is this product. So you’ve learned about mud masks, clay mask, collagen masks, and other similar products, and maybe you’ve tried a couple of them during your shopping spree. But you’re left disappointed because none of them seem to work. We’ve all been there, and we are left feeling like we’ve been robbed because they offer no results. This = is different from your over the counter products because you will actually get amazing results in just one use. This mask has multiple skin caring properties. It functions as a gentle exfoliator and helps remove dead skin cells and impurities that we have accumulated during the day. Doing so will open our pores, and this will guarantee that our skin will absorb the maximum nutrients of this mask. This will give you a fresher clean skin while also providing our face with hydration and a smoother complexion. When using the facial mask, you will feel as if our face is brand new and revitalized!

How does it work

This isn’t your typical facial mask that you just apply on your face once you’ve opened it from its packaging. From the value of its price, you know that you’re getting the real deal once you’ve tried this for yourself. It’s kind of like a make-your-own-jelly mask which is good because you will get the most out of the beauty item. The process itself is a great way to unwind as well, knowing that you’ll be left with a night of relaxation. It’s packed in a 10gram sachet, and you’ll have to mix the product in a small bowl. Correspondingly, you add 10ml of water and mix them together until you have formed a paste consistency. It’s not rocket science! So you don’t have to worry about messing up the process because the instruction is easy to follow. Once you’ve made the paste you apply it on your face using your hands or a facial brush. Avoid the eye area as you don’t want to get any products or dirt. Use it twice a week and let it sit on your face for around 30 minutes.

Main Ingredients

Amazonian Clay, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin C Powder, Bio Enzyme Plus Powder, 24K Gold Powder

Advantage and Benefits

Jelly masks are a great way for our skin to absorb the nutrients of this beauty product. You can use this before or after toning your face. The mask will help refine the pores while removing the impurities on our skin, revealing a softer and smoother texture. It’s truly worth the gold for its value.

Why use Pyoor Gold 24K Gold Jelly Mask

So you’ve been doing the usual three step facial routine: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. But you feel as if it’s not enough. Well it’s high time that you’ve tried this. Facial masks are a great way to retain, supply, and improve the nourishment that your skin receives from your other beauty products. Because this is infused with 24K gold which is well-known for its hydrating formula, your skin will not feel any irritation. In fact, it will add more suppleness to your face and give you a healthy looking glow. This lavish treatment is a perfect addition to your skin’s needs.

Who can take this

This jelly mask is recommended for adults who are looking for that extra kick to boost the appearance of their complexion. People aged 20 and above are recommended to try this.

Are there side-effects

This mask is an all-natural and safe product. It is formulated with grapeseed oil and other plant essences that give nourishment to the skin. It works best for oily-combination skin but can also be used by individuals who have skin sensitivity. There are no harsh chemicals used and has absolutely zero side-effects.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Pamper your complexion with the Pyoor Gold 24k Gold Jelly Mask! It is a highly recommended product that will give your skin that luxurious effect which you’ll get from visiting expensive facial salons. It’s a great value for its price. It is suggested to be applied 2-3 times a week to maintain great results on our skin.