Pyoor White Soap Skin Hydrator with SPF 30 Wood Sage Reviews

If that old bar of soap that you use dries out your skin, then it’s time to try the brand new Pyoor White Soap. Whether you’re looking for a skin whitening product, or a beauty bar that keeps your skin moisturized, this has it all for you! You’ll smell fresh and clean all day.

What is Pyoor White Soap

We expose our body to a variety of dirt and impurities. From the pollution in our environment and the sweat and oil that our body produces, we become a walking stink bomb. Body odor is an unpleasant smell, and it adds stress to us after a hard day’s work. We’re already tired from work or school, and now we have to deal with body smell. No one likes a foul stench. That old bar of soap just doesn’t seem to work for you anymore, and you’re left with a need to change it into something better. A bad smell coming from our own body is an unavoidable situation, but luckily we have a great soap that can provide us with a solution to our complexion problems. It is a natural moisturizing product that will not strip your skin of its nutrients while bathing or showering. It gives your complexion a smooth and silky texture each time you use it while also providing your complexion with a radiant glow that you’ve never seen before. It will also minimize the production of sweat in our body, especially in our underarms and back. Now you don’t have to worry about sweating because this also controls and deodorizes our complexion!

How does it work

Now that we have a great product that can lessen oil and sweat production in our complexion, we have something to look forward to when bathing or showering. We don’t have to apply an unhealthy amount of deodorant on our armpits to fight of the smell, or lather ourselves in too much body lotion. The easiest way to fight of body odor is using the right cleansers when we bathe. This is a great weapon to combat body odor while also benefiting from its multiple skin caring properties. This is packaged in a simple white box with 150grams of a product. It functions like any other bar soaps by applying it directly onto our complexion or lathering the beauty item in your palms. To achieve smoother skin, this is formulated with micro-peeling properties without the side effect of skin dryness. This will give us an instant whitening effect that will continue to provide long term results. It is also packed with SPF 30 giving us protection from the sun.

Main Ingredients

Skin Cell Activator, Aloe Vera Juice, Skin White BLE, Skin White MSH, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Kojic Dipalmitate, Vegetable Oils, Coco Betaine, Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphyl), Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Licorice Root Extract, Vitamins A & E

Advantage and Benefits

Beauty soap packed with SPF and skin whitening properties? Buy me ten please! Rarely will you find a soap that will give you protection from the heat of the sun while ensuring that the skin whitening effects will last a long time. It’s a wonderful product that should be in every person’s bathing routine.

Why us Pyoor White Soap

An aromatic soap blended with the scents of wood sage and sea salt, this product will remind you of the wonderful smell of nature. The mild fragrance is enough to keep you smelling fresh all day without any overpowering odor that mixes badly with sweat and oil. Using this is guaranteed to decrease the formation of melanin and lighten the appearance of spots and blemishes (such as scars) in our body. It also controls oil and sweat formation which will easily help us feeling clean without the worry of body odor. You won’t find any other soap that’s great in keeping us clean and smelling fresh.

Who can take this

Adolescents who are experiencing changes in their body can try this product to alleviate any production of oil and sweat. Adults are also suggested to use this every day to get amazing results.

Are there side-effects

This is an all-natural body cleanser that is formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera and other herbs and plants that are guaranteed safe for our complexion. It has no harmful substances making it safe for adolescents and people with sensitive skin. It will leave your skin suppler and smoother than ever.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Feel and smell great with the Pyoor White Soap! It is a highly recommended whitening product that will give you more than just a radiant complexion. It has an SPF 30 that will protect you from sun rays while keeping the skin moisturized all day. You won’t worry about body odor when using this soap.